Sun Hats For Summer Fashion

Summer is the time when women’s sun hats are back as an important summer accessory for your protection.

Collins Ave - Womens Sun Hat

As you can see, they are not only summer-protection accessory, which protects your hair, your face and your shoulder from sun’s harmful rays, not only during summer days, but also fashion gurus find ways how to make your wide-brim hats a fashion trend.

There are lots of sun hats designs for women which are very stylish.  Among these, which ones do you want to wear?


Floppy Sun Hats

I like to wear one of these… I often call it wide-brimmed hats which covers you’re whole head actually, and shades your shoulder.  ^_^

Straw Sun Hats

It also looks like a floppy hat but this one is made of straw.

Fedora Sun Hats

The light and cool kind of sun hats.

Women’s Cap

A soft fabric hats that has its modern appeal for fashion.  It gives you a more tougher image but in a girly way.

Bucket Sun Hats

I have one of these… of course, in blue.  ^_^

Sun Visor Hats

For me, this sun hats has the less chic-style for us women.  It is a sporty kind of hat but there are also design which gives a girly style when decorated with florals or ribbons.  ^_^

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