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Be A Stella & Dot Stylist!

Are you in love with your life? Do you want more freedom and flexibility from your job?  If you become a Stella & Dot Stylist you can let what you love BE what you DO. Now through the end of April, when you sign up for only $199, you will get an additional $100 ($450 total) in free accessories!  You will have the potential of earning extra spending money or a six figure income, it’s up to you! Stella & Dot will provide you with everything you need to succeed.  All the essential tools and training, plus a back office providing customer […]

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OOTD#03: More Blue. Blue Jeggings & White Top

Yes, I am a lover of blue hues. From royal blue to light, I definitely want to put them in my wardrobe. Haha! Keeping up with ‘Outfit of the Day’, commonly called as OOTD, means you need to have the means of buying new clothes every now and then.  I can’t say I always shop, but whenever I get to see what I love in stores, even online stores, I would make a way to buy them.  That means, my budget is not that tight. Anyway, as I was saying, I am a lover of the color blue, here is […]

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OOTD#02: Cardigan Black & Red

I am definitely a cardigan fanatic. I can’t resist in buying cardigans when I have the luxury to buy it. Like three weeks ago, I ordered a black & red cardigan which I have been wanting to buy at an online store which I liked at Facebook. I got my order two weeks ago, it was a meet-up transaction. Since it is still a cold weather in the country, I took the chance of wearing the cardigan when we visited my in-laws. It didn’t crossed my mind to take a picture of the cardigan but hubby took a picture of […]

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