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Why a Used Rolex is Still Great

I have bought a used Rolex from and it was a wonderful decision. I loved the design of, but of course, I loved the inventory more. It’s about that time of year when you may be thinking about how to sell Rolex watches and are wondering how exactly you should approach the business. Although it isn’t quite brain surgery, selling such expensive and high quality items can often be troublesome. One brand of Rolex watches that are in demand include the pro hunter Rolex  When selling either these Pro Hunter Rolex watches, or any other Rolex, it can be quite difficult […]

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No Maternity Clothes For Me

I haven’t been buying maternity clothes so far because my baby belly is relatively small.  I’m already in my fourth month of pregnancy and I believe a zafu, seat cushion, is bigger than my belly. ^_^ I seldom go out and if I do, I wear those loose shirts I have before. I also raided my old closet back in my parents house, I used that closet for storing my pregnancy clothes and other baby clothes that Little Zoie have outgrown. I kept them because I know I’m going to be pregnant again. Anyway, I raided my closet last week […]

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Comfy and Fashionable Shoes at

One of women’s much bought apparel are the shoes.  No one can deny it.  ^_^ Picking comfortable shoes for women is not hard once you know which brands of shoes you like and comfortable wearing.  Also, you should know where to buy them, either in a store or online, so it will not take too much time going places if you’re in a hurry. Now, if you’re looking for an online store which provides comfortable shoes, not only for women but men and kids alike, you might want to visit  Schuler Shoes provides comfortable and fashionable footwear for the […]

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