Reebok’s Unnaturally Quick ZQuick

Have you been looking for a cool new running shoe for your next workout?  Reebok has been inspired by hi-performance, Z-Rated tires, and created the Reebok ZQuick training shoe that delivers sports car handling for your feet.  They have plenty of color combinations for those of you that like to mix and match your outfits.  Best of all, these kicks come in at just under $90 and they are now available in models designed for both running (ZQuick) and training (ZQuick TR).

Check out this neat video below and let me know if you buy a pair of the Reebok ZQuick!



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Zooey Deschanel Designs Clothes for Tommy Hilfger

I know Hollywood celebrities loves fashion, what I didn’t know that New Girl star, Zooey Deschanel, designs them.

Zooey Deschanel Tommy Hilfiger

News has it that Deschanel will be designing line of dresses and accessories for Tommy Hilfiger which will be launched this April.  This line of collection is going to be called, To Tommy, From Zooey.

This is not the first time the two collaborated for a collection, they have done this last year at a Met Gala where the famous designer, Tommy Hilfiger, created a seer gown for the Hollywood star.

“Working with Tommy on this capsule collection has been really amazing,” Deschanel said in a statement. “I am a fashion fanatic … Tommy and I share many of the same inspirations — old school music, classic films and old Hollywood icons — and his guidance during the design process helped to put a really unique twist on each piece.”

These pieces are a blend of Deschanel’s vintage ’60s aesthetic and Hilfiger’s patriotic color palette for a look the actress calls “modical.”

Prices will range from $98 to $199; dresses will be available at Macy’s stores and online April 14, while dresses and an exclusive line of handbags and jewelry will hit Tommy Hilfiger April 21.



OOTD#02: Cardigan Black & Red

I am definitely a cardigan fanatic. I can’t resist in buying cardigans when I have the luxury to buy it. Like three weeks ago, I ordered a black & red cardigan which I have been wanting to buy at an online store which I liked at Facebook. I got my order two weeks ago, it was a meet-up transaction.

Since it is still a cold weather in the country, I took the chance of wearing the cardigan when we visited my in-laws. It didn’t crossed my mind to take a picture of the cardigan but hubby took a picture of me practicing driving in the neighborhood and I thought might as well share it here in my fashion blog. It is only the side view of the cardigan, but I’m sharing it anyway. Promise, I’ll the front view whenever I take picture of me wearing it.


OOTD#2 02

The online store where I bought it at Facebook.

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